Clark International Airport - DMIA

Arrivals through Clark International Airport are becoming much more popular as we enter into 2019.

This page was designed to answer the questions of first time visitors.

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Important Notice

We no longer provide transportation to or from DMIA.

The "Taxi mafia" at this airport has consistently threatened our drivers and none of them are willing to service Clark any more.

Arrival at Clark is "No frills." You may be required to board a bus, but as often as not, you will be required to walk into the terminal.

IMMIGRATION: Be prepared for up to 1 hour to clear immigration, especially if another plane has arrived before you.

CUSTOMS: Customs is the opposite of Immigration. They are fast and courteous.

There are two arrival belts in the baggage claim area.

There is one small duty free shop in the corner of the baggage claim area.

There are two counters right after Customs where you can change currency.

There is a counter inside the terminal where you can catch a bus to Manila & Pasay. This service does not currently run late at night

There is a machine where you can buy local phone cards for your cell phone.

There are 3 different ATM machines immediately outside the terminal doors.

Jeepney from DMIA to Dau
Jeepney to Dau

At curbside there is a guy advertising (day & night) for the "aircon jeepney's" to the Main Gate area and the Dau bus terminal.

Airport jeepney (air-con) at 50 pesos. - Normally parked about 35 meters up the road from where the taxi touts are standing near to the terminal arrivals exit. Seem to run very infrequently but are supposedly 24 hours. When running the staff usually hold up a sign with 'jeepney to Dau' wrote on it. Journey to Main Gate or Dau possible.

DMIA Taxi Kiosk

On the right as you exit the terminal there is a taxi Kiosk. These taxi's do not use meters. Current prices are listed below.

DMIA Taxi Prices