We do not accept reservations FOR NEW CUSTOMERS received within 36 hours of their scheduled arrival times.

This is because it does not give us sufficient time to confirm our pickup before they leave home. These short notice pickups have had a very high rate of failure in the past because people in this category make almost no attempt to find the driver before seeking out alternative transportation.

If you want to be an exception to this policy, you must email our reservations department at They will send you a email stating that it is a short-notice request. This email will have arrival instructions for meeting your driver. It will specify that we will not send a vehicle unless you confirm the instructions in that email. No confirmation, no vehicle will be dispatched.

If you don't have time to wait for the email confirmation you can try to call our office during office hours (9-5) Philippine time.


It will still be up to the manager on duty to determine if we will accept your short notice request. If we will not accept it, we will try to find you a Manila based company that will transport you safely to Angeles.