Welcome to Margarita Station!

We opened our doors in Angeles City October 1993 as Margaritaville. In 1996,after over a year of receiving official letters (they weren't asking us out to dinner) from Jimmy Buffett's legal staff, we changed our name to Margarita Station.Whether you call it ‘The Ville,’ ‘The Station,’ or just ‘Margarita,’ we continue to serve our customers the best quality food at the lowest prices possible.

All our waitresses and bartenders speak English and, even better, they understand it. They are graduates of our training program - which may not be the Harvard of The Philippines – but they have the skills to take your order and see that it is delivered.

That's the name of the game in our business: service. And our service is a step above the average Filipino establishment here in Angeles City, which is a bit like saying K2 is a step above a Chinese rice paddy.

Being only human, the waitresses are easily distracted by any handsome, silver tongued, foreign devil with a smile on his face. So if you feel you’ve been waiting more than a respectable bit of time without our staff recognizing your charms or desires, simply wave, snap your fingers, verbalize the Philippine love call (Psst), or as a last resort, put a brown bag over your head -- that gets them every time.

We offer our customers an extensive array of exotic drinks, some with umbrellas. If you order an unusual or unique drink that you had on your honeymoon, and it doesn't taste the same...don't complain.

Everything tastes different on a honeymoon, and NOBODY comes to Angeles City for their honeymoon!Leave the "moon" part off, and remember, if you’re with your honey and she is real honey, you won't much care what that drink tastes like.

Menu prices include all charges & taxes due.No service charges are added to your bill. Tipping our staff is not obligatory, but we strongly encourage the practice. Our gals remember a good tipper - handsome, silver tongued, foreign devil or not.They will strive to give you even better service next time.Tipping works!

So enjoy our meals, our drinks, our service and your honey.

Welcome to Margarita Station.